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Typically requisitions are the backbone of the recruiting process, and each company has a unique way that they look and how they are processed.

ImageEveryone is familiar with this and changing it would be a major undertaking. With ResumeWare, the goal is not to change your current process, but to streamline it through automation. We design an electronic system that mirrors what you do on paper, making it familiar to the users and easy to learn.

Through automation of the requisition process, ResumeWare can:

  • Ensure consistency by regularly importing data directly from your HRIS system and using it to populate field options on forms.
  • Save time by allowing requisitions to be duplicated and saved as incomplete so they can be finished later.
  • Link requisitions to a searchable job description database (either imported from HRIS or created in the system).
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in the approval process by obtaining approvals via email, sending reminders and easily tracking requisition activity.
  • Send out notification emails to anyone based on milestones.
  • Track activity and generate reports in real time.

The flexibility of ResumeWare allows you to:Image

  • Create user groups and limit user access to enter, edit and view forms and records, as well as allow some users access to the system without a login.
  • Generate requisitions with one opening or multiple openings.
  • Utilize different requisition forms and data for different types of requisitions.
  • Maintain your existing requisition numbering system.
  • Link to your existing job description database (from HRIS or another source), or generate a database as you enter requisitions.

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ResumeWare has recently gone live with another "Process Partner" for automated Background Check Integration, this time with LexisNexis. Read more about it...

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Customized reports are included in all ResumeWare installations, and you can connect your favorite enterprise reporting suite too!

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