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  1. What is ResumeWare? ResumeWare is a web-based resume management and applicant tracking system designed to automate recruiting and hiring functions. We are an Application Service Provider (ASP), offering installation, monthly hosting and maintenance services.

  2. Can I use ResumeWare with Internet Explorer or Firefox? Yes. It is configured to use the web browser of your choice. ResumeWare is built on open standards allowing you to use any current web browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

  3. Can I use ResumeWare on an Apple Computer? Yes.

  4. Can I use ResumeWare with a tablet device? Yes. The entire ResumeWare system will run on an iPad or other webkit browser enabled tablet.

  5. What kind of companies can use ResumeWare? ResumeWare is perfect for growing companies (especially those with multiple recruiting locations) that process a high volume of resumes. It is easily customized and adapted to meet the specialized needs of any industry.

  6. What training is required? ResumeWare is remarkably simple and easy to learn. The custom installation means ResumeWare follows your existing employment processes and procedures, company colors, and terminology. Because it already seems familiar, users learn quickly. Installation includes an online user manual, optional flash demo for new users and one day's training at one location for all users. The monthly maintenance fee includes ongoing telephone support and annual refresher training.

  7. How does ResumeWare simplify the recruiting process for myself and my staff? Our goal is to help you reduce paperwork, eliminate duplication of effort, lower hiring costs and shorten the time-to-fill job openings. ResumeWare also gives you complete control of your recruiting process. For example here are just some of the ways the system streamlines the recruiting cycle:

    • Automatically post/update job openings on your company website (and automatically remove them when they're filled).
    • Automate all candidate correspondence such as resume receipt acknowledgement, rejection letters, and offers.
    • Automate candidate relationship management on your company web site (i.e., registration of passive job seekers who would like to be notified of future openings and "send this job to a friend" functions).
    • Automatic calendar update and email reminder notification of scheduled interviews, new hire starts, meetings, appointments, etc.
    • Automatic tracking candidate status/history at every stage of the hiring process.
    • Fast and easy access to a full menu of reports (requisition activity, new hires, sourcing summaries, cost-per-hire, and EEOC/diversity analysis).

  8. What is the implementation time? Typically 8-12 weeks.

  9. Describe how ResumeWare can be scaled. ResumeWare enables you to make the decisions about how your system will work. We have a baseline process that includes searchable databases of job requisitions and resumes, as well as tools to facilitate the matching of candidates to job reqs. The system automates every step of your employment process, including candidate review, forwarding resumes to managers via your company email, interviewing, correspondence, offer generation and hiring activity reports. In addition, the basic system includes seamless interface with your company web site and intranet, and job posting functionality. Typical customizations and enhancements include job posting to external sites, requisition approval routing, integration with HRIS or payroll system, report export or ad hoc reporting capability. Essentially, the baseline can be modified to include almost any desired functionality within the limits of site development technology. And, it can be changed whenever your needs change.

  10. Does ResumeWare offer corporate web site hosting? Yes, we can provide dedicated corporate web site hosting and complete integration with ResumeWare for job search, online resume submissions, etc. In addition, our parent company, Howard & Edwards Worldwide, offers expert web site design services.

  11. What steps would be taken to preserve my data if the contract was canceled or if ResumeWare went out of business? Would we own the data and would it be returned in a convertible format? Yes, the data remains the property of individual clients at all times. If the business relationship is terminated, ResumeWare will export all your proprietary data from the database so it can be loaded into a different system if you choose to utilize a new vendor. In addition, ResumeWare will place the original source code in an escrow account with a third-party vendor. If ResumeWare is unable to fulfill the contract, you will be provided access to the source code and have rights to install it on your company's server.

  12. What type of security is provided? How does ResumeWare secure my database from unauthorized access? Each client has a private, fully encrypted database. The ResumeWare system is secured by a firewall and all server access is tracked and monitored 24/7 at our data center. All server traffic is logged and alerts are generated upon detection of suspicious activity. Also, each system is password protected and all users have unique logins to prevent unauthorized use from within a client company.

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