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ResumeWare is a proud to be a sponsor and partner of the Sentinels of Freedom program.

Sentinels of Freedom

Many of the brave military men and women who have served our country in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas since September 11, 2001 - have suffered service-related injuries resulting in severe and permanent physical disability. It is the mission of the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation to assist these permanently disabled veterans in their efforts to become productive, self-sufficient, integrated members of their local communities upon their return to civilian life.

We target our comprehensive assistance to highly-motivated men and women who are amputees, paraplegic, blinded, deaf, and badly burned or otherwise severely injured and rated sixty percent or more disabled. The primary targets of our support are enlisted men and women as they are most in need of support, but we do not exclude officers. We identify candidates early in their rehabilitation to have sufficient time to get to know them, so as to insure to the best of our ability, that they have the will, aptitude and attitude necessary to successfully make the transition to civilian life. We can and have moved quickly when we meet a veteran near the time of discharge.

Since inception, Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation has awarded 64 scholarships. The make-up of scholarships is 44 Veterans currently in our program, and 20 which have graduated.

ResumeWare provides the tools and systems to enable the Sentinels of Freedom team to manage their entire program. Everything from scholarships to sponsors, and events to vets - ResumeWare is proud to support such an incredible organization.

Visit the Sentinels of Freedom site for more information on this incredible program:

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News & Updates

ResumeWare is a proud to be a sponsor and partner of the Sentinels of Freedom program. Read about the program and get involved!

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