Our passion is fostering strong and rewarding relationships with our clients.

Case Studies

Developing technology is our skill, but our passion is fostering strong and rewarding relationships with our clients.

One big happy family

A company that had long operated as three separate organizations took on the initiative to bring them all together under one corporate umbrella for employment. A strong corporate presence offered benefits, but each individual organization expressed concerns about losing their own identity in the process. When gathering data for the ResumeWare implementation, we were sure to include representatives from all of the organizations, and clearly outlined positive aspects unique to each group to ensure that the candidate interface included these areas. On the other side of the coin, we also worked extensively with all the team members to achieve consensus on a requisition and resume processing system that worked for everyone. Since the HRIS department was able to separate out the data for each organization, the drop down menus included options pertinent to each group, but the forms remained consistent company-wide. The result was a system that allowed each organization to maintain their own image on their web sites - all with the same backend, so sharing records and reporting was easy.

Building bridges

An international Fortune 500 company had developed their own in-house applicant tracking system and needed a job posting engine to link to their corporate web site. Another major requirement was that the jobs needed to be posted in the local language. By using portions of the ResumeWare technology, we were able to import data from their existing system to create custom job postings and resume forms for external candidates, internal applicants and employee referrals. After the resume details were submitted to the ResumeWare database, the information was automatically transferred back to the in-house system in the proper data structure. The job posting and resume forms were so successful, that the company enlisted ResumeWare to develop and host their entire careers web site and employee referral portal. These pages were used internationally and incorporated an administration function to allow the client to update their own web pages, in whatever language they needed.

We're in it together

A high volume recruitment organization for a major financial institution needed a solution that could support over 4500 open requisitions at any given time and over 1000 job postings. Not only did the job postings need to appear on their corporate careers web site, but depending on a wide variety of criteria, jobs also needed to be posted on outside general and niche job boards. The client had made the decision that all requisitions would be initiated and approved in their PeopleSoft system, so ResumeWare needed to develop a way to import these requisitions and their related job descriptions in a timely fashion, while also enabling automated entry of job posting details. The final result was a system that allowed data to be transferred in and out of PeopleSoft seamlessly. In addition, since job postings to outside boards were automated with daily feeds instead of manual entries, Recruiters saved a considerable amount of time. The system has evolved to now include a complete background check module, automating the hiring process even further. As new people join the staffing organization, ResumeWare continues to provide ongoing training and support.

If it ain't broke, you can still make it better

A successful government contractor had their ducks in a row. Their recruiting processes were well defined, their forms were carefully developed and in general, their system worked. However, since it was all on paper, things took longer than they needed to, and tracking progress was difficult. Consistency between the HRIS system and hand written forms was difficult to maintain. And while their reports were good, manually generating them was time consuming. ResumeWare was able to take their existing staffing workflow and wrap technology around it. Since the online forms were so similar to the old paper ones, training was very easy. HRIS data feeds the forms so all the information is consistent. Automated approval processes and notifications kept things moving, and more easily identified bottlenecks. Reports that took weeks to generate are now done with a keystroke.

Making great strides with small steps

A company with a long and successful history wanted to improve their staffing processes, but complete automation would require changes that could not be tackled all at once. ResumeWare worked with the staffing professionals to understand the vision of where they wanted to be down the road, and then established a plan to implement the system in phases. In the beginning, the online forms were exactly the same as the paper counterparts, with many fields were typed in text, but with the plan to incorporate more drop downs as their HRIS system normalized their data. Users were eased into automation with small steps, and by not overwhelming them with changes, they were more willing to embrace future enhancements. The annual updates to the system add new features at a manageable pace.

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